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Drive 4UR School

           Our next Drive 4UR School Event is scheduled for Fall of 2019 (TBD). Please check back soon for updates.

Butler Ford is pleased to take advantage of the Ford Motor Corporation Drive 4 UR School (D4URS) program which allows dealerships to work with local high schools to raise money for extracurricular activities.

We average two events per year in which Phoenixspe or Ashland High School - and sometimes both - invite friends, family, neighbors and community members to the dealership to test drive a select group of new Ford vehicles.  For every qualified test drive Ford donates $20 to the host school.  So far we've helped   Phoenix and Ashland clubs, bands, and sports teams raise more than $60,000!  Here, in their words, are their stories.


We allow ALL clubs, athletic teams and activities to participate.  We track who shows up to take a test drive according to the group that promoted them.  For example, a person comes to take a test drive and one of our school volunteers asks, "Who are you driving for?"  We give $20 credit to the group they indicate for every person that come to drive for them.  This gives every  group equal opportunity to earn money.  Every group has different needs that they are wanting to use the money for.

The money raised has allowed football players to attend summer camps that would not have been affordable.  It has allowed our yearbook staff to purchase new cameras.  It has allowed our athletic department to purchase new weight room equipment.  It has allowed several athletic teams to purchase new uniforms and/or warm-ups.  It has allowed a campus club to donate the money to a child with high medical expenses.  It has allowed our FFA (Future Farmers of America) kids the opportunity to afford to travel to their national convention.  Bottom line, the way we've structured the allocation of funds gives a wider range of activities and groups to be supported.  We make the event fun by offering a free hot dog and chips to every person that takes a test drive. 

We also encourage groups to set up booths and sell other items to increase profitability.  For example, Athletic Boosters sell spirit apparel.  One year our jazz band came and played in front of the dealership.  Additionally, one athletic team also does a car wash.  The atmosphere we create at our Drive One event is that of a fair.  We make it fun!




Phoenix High School

Number of Drive ones:6

Amount raised:

 $28,000 +


The Ashland High School Football program has been participating in a unique one-of-a-kind international exchange program with high school football players and coaches from Japan.  Since its inception in 1988 the Pacific Rim Bowl has been played 13 times.  Every two years the two programs spend a week in Ashland, OR or Kobe/Osaka, Japan.  The cultural benefits of the program are obvious and leave a lifelong impact with our players.  Since 2009, the Drive 4 UR School program has provided an excellent opportunity to fund raise in a team inclusive and community based process.

In July of 2013, our team traveled to Kobe, Japan for the 25th Anniversary of the first Pacific Rim Bowl game.  We were very fortunate to have won the Drive 4 UR School Photo Contest using a "hands-free" Ford escape in our promo.  The $8,000 prize money was used as need incentive for our players, who were offered $10/hour for community service up to $200.  Needless to say, our players earned every dollar of that prize and we provided over 800 hours of service to the Ashland community.  We are very grateful for the opportunity Ford has given our program to teach our student-athletes more than just football.

The opportunity to participate in the D4URS program has made it possible for every football player to travel abroad to participate in the Pacific Rim Bowl.  During the years we do not travel or play the Pacific Rim Bowl the D4URS program has benefited other athletic programs.  Under the supervision of the booster club, a D4URS [was held] so that all sports could benefit.  Many of our club sports, like downhill skiing, snowboarding and rowing require a lot of travel and have costly participation fees.  The D4URS provides more opportunities for participation in those clubs.

The D4URS program makes a difference in our school community and in our community at large.  It's great to see teachers, parents, and alumni support Ashland High School students in a fun and creative way [while sampling] Ford's latest products.




Ashland High School

Number of Drive ones:5

Amount raised:


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